Taihapes Sarah Elwin (Yamaha YZ125), untouchable in the womens class at Taupo at the weekend.

Third Time Lucky For Sarah

29 Oct 2013

It's third time lucky for Taihape's Sarah Elwin, although perhaps luck had less to do with her big win than hard work and natural talent.

The 18-year-old Yamaha ace has raced the women's class at Taupo's big Labour Weekend Motocross Extravaganza for the past two years, but never cracked the No.1 spot, until her third attempt this season, and the convincing style of her win at the weekend certainly indicated that this was no fluke.

Elwin took her 2012 model Yamaha YZ125 to win three races from three starts at Taupo on Saturday and never really looked threatened, which begged the question: "So, where has the new-found speed come from?"

"I have been training pretty hard lately. I did a 'boot camp' at Taupo last week, a sort of army-style training, and my strength and stamina for racing has really improved.

"I think I've always had the speed but I have not really been able to keep it going. I think that motocross is as much a mental sport as a physical one and when your energy is sapped, that's when you make mistakes and crash. You feel discouraged when things don't work out.

"When you're fit and strong, it's all good."

Elwin led the day's first two of three races from start to finish but she had her work cut out in race three.

"My last race today was a tough one... it was pretty nerve-wracking. (Fellow Yamaha ace) Casey Waterhouse (of Tauranga) was pushing me all the way. She was in front for the first lap and a half, until I managed to jump past her and take the lead. But she stayed with me until the end."

Elwin's next big outing is to tackle the Acerbis Four-Hour race at Taupo next weekend.

She will team up with fellow Taihape rider Josh Anderson (Yamaha YZ450F) and the pair will tag-team for the event.

"I finished runner-up in the mixed teams' class at the Acerbis event last year, but it would be nice to win it. I'm definitely going for the No.1 spot."

Words and photo by Andy McGechan, www.BikesportNZ.com
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