How to read your VIN/HIN, Pri ID and Serial number

VIN mapping

 Vin with number location

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) are located on all motorcycles, ATVs and ROVs while HIN (Hull Indentification Number) are located on water vehicles such as Waverunners. Primary Identification Number (Pri ID) and Serial Numbers are located on Outboard motors. These are generally located on:

  • the frame of your unit or under your seat (VIN)
  • behind the left/front wheel for ATV's (VIN)
  • at the rear under the covers for scooters (VIN)
  • the front compartment or the rear behind the seats for SSVs (VIN)
  • a plate attached to the aft deck for Waverunners (HIN)
  • on the transom bracket for outboard motors (Serial Number)
  • the inside the engine compartment (Pri ID)

Your owner’s handbook will guide you to the location of your VIN, HIN and Serial Number.

In the decoder above, Position 4 through to 8 inclusive is commonly referred to as the prefix of your motorcycle

Position 12 through to 17 inclusive is commonly referred to as the serial number of your motorcycle. In reference to a safety related recall.

Please use this as a guide to determine if your motorcycle falls within an effected range.

Common VIN locations for Yamaha motor products:


Common HIN locations for Yamaha Water Vehicle products:

How to Read your HIN_2 How to find your HIN_1

Common Serial Number locations for Yamaha Outboard products:

How to find your outboard serial number_1 How to find your outboard serial number_2

Common Primary Identification Number (Pri ID) locations for Yamaha Water Vehicle products:

The Primary Identification (Pri Id) label is located inside the engine compartment, the image below is a reference only, your label may be in a slightly different position

Primary Identification number location