Russia To Greece on a Yamaha SR400

Hiroshi Hosokawa’s amazing 50 country journey of friendship and discovery


Hiroshi Hosokawa was an early pioneer of online motorcycle communities, but the desire was always to experience the world firsthand – by motorcycle.  Embarking on a world tour aboard his trusty Yamaha SR400, Hiroshi Hosokawa visited more than 50 countries. Now back in Tokyo, he has returned to working as a web content editor and takes any opportunity to shares stories of his amazing adventures.

Prior to the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine, Hiroshi Hosokawa travelled from Vladivostok and headed towards the west across Eurasia. The amazing journey saw him ride through Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria, to Greece, a distance of 13,000 km.

“Any time, any place.” That's the theme of my journey explains Hosokawa san. “Enjoying the scenery, smells, sounds and noises, and atmosphere. I was craving for new encounters. I met interesting people and was overwhelmed with the vastness of the stark, natural beauty.”

Hiroshi Hosokawa
“Any time, any place. That's the theme of my journey" 

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