Kangaroo Valley, Southern Highlands, NSW

Self-Guided Adventure

A 140km ride through the stunning New South Wales Southern Highlands taking in the picturesque towns of Robertson, Kangaroo Valley, Berry, Kiama and Jamberoo, all linked by a series of glorious roads that feel a million miles from the daily urban congestion. Ride time can be as little as two and a half hours if you decide to ride straight through, however, our recommendation is to allow five hours to enjoy frequent stops, including a leisurely lunch break.

Type: Self-guided
Total distance:
Estimated duration:
2.5 or 5.5 hours (with stops)

The road conditions can vary from excellent to B-grade, and the road does narrow dramatically on some sections of the mountain runs. Trucks also use these roads as a route from the freeway to the coast. As long as the appropriate care is taken, this ride is suitable for all types of motorcycles and all levels of riders. It's also a perfect introduction to a full day ride for those new to motorcycling. We recommend inexperienced riders use the alternate route across Cambewarra Mountain when leaving Kangaroo Valley, and avoid the run over Berry Mountain. Our start point is the Coles Express at Haywards Bay.

Numerous routes will get you to Kangaroo Valley, and they are all great fun on a motorcycle, but riding via Macquarie Pass is the most popular. The twisting and turning strip of bitumen that climbs up to the town of Robertson is a smooth and flowing road. It’s mostly marked with double lines but there are a couple of turn-out and overtaking lanes. The Famous Robertson Pie Shop is a must for motorcycle riders hungry for a legendary pie or keen to show off their bike.

From Robertson, take the Pearsons lane turn off for a ride through Wildes Meadow to Moss Vale Road, then enjoy the run down Barrengarry Mountain into Kangaroo Valley. After a stop for lunch or a coffer at one of the numerous cafes or the historic Friendly Inn (aka Kangaroo Valley Pub) it will be time to head back across the mountain to the town of Berry.

Three kilometres from Kangaroo Valley look for the turn off for the scenic Kangaroo Valley Road which will take you across Berry Mountain and into the township. Care needs to be taken as this road can be bumpy and narrow in sections. Be mindful of oncoming traffic on the blind corners. The stunning views are a reward for the effort.

After a leg stretch or something to eat at Berry, take the A1 towards Sydney. For an added treat, look for the Donavan Road exit at the 4.5km mark. The mostly deserted six kilometres of twisty road is what's left of the old highway that once joined Albion Park and Berry. The road ends just before Gerringong where it enters the A1 again. If you have time, check out the town of Kiama and the famous Kiama Blowhole, or even Little Blowhole.

Taking the Jamberoo Road turn-off just after the Kiama bends will swap out the boring straight run of the A1 for an enjoyable run through the twists and turns of Jamberoo. This detour only adds 10-15 minutes to your trip and is worth it. Whatever route you choose, you will end up back at Haywards Bay.


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