Two Stroke Life

Yamaha Motor Australia engaged two genuine vintage Yamaha enthusiasts to feature in its latest XSR movie Ride Retro.

Nicky Steps was born with Yamaha in his blood. His dad owned and raced an air-cooled RD350 in the 1970s and Nicky grew up with the smell of burning two-stroke oil. Now he can’t kick the habit. Meanwhile Andy Baker owned a race tuned RD350LC in the early 1980s to which he fitted super loud expansion chambers and ace bars. 


Both riders appear in the YMA movie and compare their experiences on vintage Yamaha motorcycles to their modern equivalents – the MY22 XSR700 and XSR900.

Nicky is a 47-year-old audio visual technician from Sydney, Australia.  He spent his first pay cheque from his job washing dishes on an RZ250… and he’s been hooked on Yamaha’s race developed two-stroke range ever since. He now owns three variants of the legendary twin cylinder machines - an air-cooled RD350, a liquid-cooled RD350LC and an RZ350 YPVS model. 
“The RD range appeals to me because of its direct descent from the racetrack,” he explains. He bought his current RD350LC in several boxes and restored it back to its former glory. “Everything works how it should and I just love riding this bike – it’s like being 17-years-old again,” he says.

55-year-old Sydney-based photographer Andy Baker is originally from Essex in the UK where he bought his first Yamaha, a second-hand 50cc FS1-E in 1983. He now races vintage dirt track on two-stroke models such as RT360 and DT250.

Watch the film here, to find out what these retro riders thought of the new XSR models.

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