Yamaha Motor Finance New Zealand LTD. Privacy Policy

1. Introduction
Yamaha Motor Finance New Zealand Ltd (‘YMFNZ’) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Australia Pty. Ltd. YMFNZ respects your privacy and is committed to protecting both your personal information and your credit information. 
This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, hold, use, disclose and protect your information and how we manage information received about you from third parties such as credit reporting agencies.
We are bound by the Privacy Act 1993 and the Information Privacy Principles ('IPPs') upon which this policy is based.  

2. What personal information is collected and why?
We collect personal information required to provide our products and services. Our products and services include various types of loans, finance leases, warranties, insurance products and other financial services within New Zealand.

The type of information we collect and hold about you may include your name, date of birth, contact details, address (current and previous), employment (current & previous), drivers licence, marital status, gender, number of dependants, electoral role details, social media sites and financial or credit information. 

If we are unable to collect personal information from or about an individual, we may not be able to do business with that individual or the organisation with which the individual is connected.

Sensitive information
In the event you provide us any sensitive information such as health or disability information pursuant to your hardship application, we will ask for your consent to obtain, use and disclose that information as permitted by law. 

3. How do we collect personal information?
We collect personal information directly from you (where possible), for example when you apply for credit or when you request additional products or services or variations to products or services either over the phone or website.  

We may also collect information about you from other sources or exchange your information with a third party such as agents, brokers, dealers and employers. For example: 

obtaining a credit report from a credit reporting agency for credit assessment purposes;
undertaking electronic verification of your identity through approved anti-money laundering service providers;
undertaking face to face identity verification (if necessary) through an agency;
undertaking verification checks with your accountant, employer or through the tenancy database for the purposes of assessing the loan application;
where an individual is an officer of a company that has applied for finance with us, we may obtain information about the officer from public records or from other officers of the company who arrange the company's finance application; 
from your nominated next of kin or account authority holder;
from the dealership where the asset is purchased or where finance with YMFNZ is arranged;
from your insurer or broker;
from another credit provider; 
in undertaking searches or traces such with tenancy databases or credit reporting agencies; and
from the asset manufacturer (including Yamaha Motor New Zealand), YMFNZ’s related companies (including Yamaha Motor Insurance New Zealand).

We may also obtain information about you that is publicly available such as social media and public registers. 

4. How do we use your Information?
We only collect, hold, use and disclose your information to allow us to perform the services you requested or the purpose for which the information was collected and a related purpose reasonably expected by you for which you have consented or otherwise required by an New Zealand law, tribunal or court order.  For example:

assessing your credit application;
arranging finance on your asset;
managing customer relations and administering our product and services;  
assessing your hardship application and any sensitive information you provided or collected by us pursuant to your application;
complying with our legal obligations and assisting government and law enforcement agencies or regulators; 
communicating, dealing with or investigating any complaints or enquiries from an external dispute resolution scheme;
for marketing purposes (unless you have opted out); and
for providing finance and insurance offers (unless you have opted out).

5. Do we disclose personal information to anyone else?
We may need to disclose personal information to YMFNZ’s related companies and its agents for any of the purposes described in section 4. 

Examples of the types of organisations we may need to disclose information to in the course of providing a product or service are:

• the vehicle manufacturer or supplier of the asset;
• the extended warranty provider (if applicable);
• the introducing dealer; 
• insurers where the policy/ies were applied for or taken out in connection with the asset that is the subject of the finance, or in connection with the finance itself (for example consumer credit insurance);
• guarantors; 
• third party service providers to whom we may outsource certain functions such as electronic document management providers, mailing houses, data providers for transaction analysis, debt collection agencies, direct marketing, printing companies and lawyers;
• employers or former employers;
• Government, regulators and law enforcement agencies; and
• Credit reporting agencies. 

The contracted third parties are not authorised to use your personal information for anything other than the purpose for which YMFNZ supplies that information to them. 

Sometimes, the law requires us to disclose personal information. For example, information may be disclosed to a court in response to a subpoena or to a Government agency such as the New Zealand Inland Revenue on receipt of a direction issued under taxation laws.

We may also disclose an individual's personal information where the individual consents to us doing so. That consent may be written, verbal or implied from the individual's account holder.

YMFNZ may disclose personal information to overseas companies who are part of the Yamaha Group and related companies of YMFNZ. This includes Australia, India and Japan. We may disclose personal information but only to the extent it is necessary to perform our functions or activities. This maybe for reporting purposes or these related bodies corporate assist YMFNZ by providing support services. 

6. Direct marketing
We may directly communicate with you to inform about our product and services. Our direct marketing activities could include email, telephone, mail, SMS and other electronic means. We may also send marketing material relating to YMFNZ’s related companies, joint venture partners and joint promotions we run with dealers and other business associates to offer products and services.

If you don’t want to receive the direct marketing offers, you can opt-out by contacting us using details described in section 12.

7. The dealer network
We would like to be able to make certain personal information about our customers available to our accredited motor vehicle dealers to assist those dealers to better serve customer needs (for example, to save customers time when they contact one of our accredited dealers about servicing, roadside assistance, advice on the asset's features and performance or for replacement finance).

The information shared with accredited dealers will only contain credit related information if an application for finance is submitted by that dealer to YMFNZ. If it is for any other purpose then the information will be limited to identity details (such as name, address, driver's licence number and date of birth) and contact details (home and work/business).

If you do not wish us to share your information with our accredited dealer network in this way, please let us know by contacting us using details described in section 12.

8. Credit reporting
When you apply for credit with YMFNZ or agree to act as a guarantor on a credit application, we will assess your credit worthiness and ability to repay the loan or make repayments under the credit agreement. As part of the credit assessment we may request a credit report about you from a Credit Reporting Body (CRB). Credit reports generally contain information about your credit history and accounts you hold with other credit providers. 

9. Security of personal information 
The security of your information is important to YMFNZ and we take all reasonable precautions to protect personal information (both hard copy and electronic form) from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.
Some of the ways we protect personal information include:

security of our premises;
restricted access to personal information to staff who need it to perform their day to day functions;
maintaining technology products to prevent unauthorised computer access including identifiers and passwords, firewalls, antivirus etc.; 
storage of data at our office premises and back up facility located in Australia; 
• encryption of data that has been stored; 
• other security controls including: firewall, antivirus on endpoints, annual penetration testing, data transmissions over https and sftp;  
De-identifying or redacting information such as tax file numbers or credit card details;
raising staff awareness through appropriate policies and training; and
maintaining physical security over hardcopy/paper records and where practical destroying information no longer required.

10. Accessing, updating and correcting your personal information 
You can access most of the personal information we hold about you by using the contact details described in section 12. We will need to confirm your identity before providing you access to the information requested. We will try to provide you the personal information requested within reasonable period of your request.    

It’s very important for us to have your correct details to service you better. If you become aware that the information we hold about you is not correct or if you wish to update your information, please contact us using details described in section 12. We will correct inaccurate personal information or credit related information within 30 days of a correction request and will send written notice confirming the correction within reasonable period. 

Depending on the amount of information requested to be accessed, we may charge an access fee to cover the cost of retrieving the information and supplying it to the person who has requested access.

Access to personal information may be refused in a number of circumstances, such as where the information relates to anticipated legal proceedings or the request for access is frivolous or vexatious. If we deny or restrict an individual's access, we will write to you explaining why access was refused. 

Information can be accessed, and a request to correct the personal information made, by contacting us using details described in section 12.

11. Privacy complaint
If an individual believes that the privacy of their personal information has been compromised, please contact us by calling our Customer Service on 0800 777 123 or email complaints@ymf.co.nz. We will investigate and respond to your complaint as soon as possible.

If you disagree with our decision, you may refer your complaint to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner by visiting www.privacy.org.nz, calling 0800 803 909 or in writing, PO Box 10 094, The Terrace, Wellington, 6143. 

12. Contact details
If you would like more information about YMFNZ's approach to privacy, please contact our Customer Service on 0800 777 123.