Yamaha Outboard Ignition Control Software Update

Yamaha Motor New Zealand Pty Ltd is conducting a RECALL CAMPAIGN on Yamaha Outboard Ignition Control Software.


 Affected Model Range

Primary ID
 6AL1007281  6AL1007291  6AL1007315  6AL1007332
 6KY1000585  6KY1000795  6KY1000939  6KY1001217
 6KW1001602  6LF1002050  6LF1003164  

The ignition coils may be energised when the main key switch is turned ON, this is due to improper Engine Control Unit programming. This spark could ignite unburned fuel in the combustion chamber and could damage the Intake Manifold.

What to do
Consumers are requested to contact your local Yamaha Dealer to set up an appointment to have this recall carried out free of charge.

Contact details

Find your nearest dealer now or contact Yamaha Motor New Zealand on 09 265 6500.

See www.recalls.govt.nz/product-safety-alerts for other New Zealand consumer product recalls.