Learner Licensing

The New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) website is a good starting point for information on licensing because it provides a breakdown of the standard licensing requirements.

It has a step by step process for applying for each stage of your motorcycle license. Learner Approved Motorcycles can be ridden by learners across New Zealand under specific guidelines. LAMS-approved motorcycles include:

  • All motorcycles with engine capacities of 250cc and under, except for those on the LAMS-prohibited list (see NZTA website for full list).
  • Fully electric powered motorcycles with a power-to-weight ratio of 150 kilowatts per tonne and under (this includes all fully electric powered motorcycles registered on New Zealand's Motor Vehicle Register as of 1 June 2012).
  • All motorcycles manufactured prior to 1960 with an engine capacity of 660cc and under.
  • Motorcycles on the approved NZTA list with engine capacities between 251cc and 660cc – these motorcycles must be in standard form as produced by the manufacturer. They cannot be modified in any way to increase the power-to-weight ratio.

Please click here for more information and the NZTA approved list.