A brand new Deltabox frame offers an idealised balance of strength and rigidity, while using the all-new crossplane engine as a stressed member.
Weighing in at just 199kg ready to rip, Yamaha's designers focused on concentrating this weight as close to the bike's centre as possible.
Weighing 1.6kg less than an equivalent steel design, the R1's newly designed 17-litre aluminium fuel tank features a deeply indented knee area, allowing the rider to tuck in close to the bike.
The new R1 gets track focused fully adjustable KYB suspension. The R1M benefits from nest-level Öhlins ERS that’s electronically controlled via the R1M’s ECU.

Lightweight Plus Maximum Traction

20 Mar 2015

The easier a bike is to ride, the easier it is to ride fast. This is the philosophy behind Rossi and Lorenzo’s YZR-M1, and it’s the same philosophy behind the YZF-R1’s supreme handling package in thanks in part to a next generation aluminium Deltabox frame.

Weighing in at just 199kg with full oil and fuel – and only 179kg dry – the R1's racing DNA is evident in the design and construction of every component. The new Deltabox frame is equipped with a high specification upward truss type aluminium swingarm that is manufactured from a mixture of gravity cast, forged and two-piece shell structure components to create a strong and lightweight structure.

This compact aluminium main frame offers an idealised balance of strength and rigidity. One that incorporates the all-new crossplane engine as a fully stressed member; with the engine being mounted rigidly to the frame at four points – two at the cylinder head and two at the crankcase.

Significant weight reductions have been achieved with the use of a magnesium rear subframe and a new 17-litre aluminium fuel tank. The wheels are also manufactured from magnesium by Morimachi, for a total 900g weight saving as well as a 15% inertial moment reduction over the current model. And to gain maximum advantage from this low weight, Yamaha's designers have focused on concentrating weight as close to the bike's centre as possible.

New plush, progressive and predictable suspension is developed in-house by KYB on the standard model while the R1M version gets cutting edge Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS) system forks and shock. New four piston caliper brakes haul up on wider 320mm front discs while revised ergonomics give you more room to move around on the bike when pushing for that hot lap time.

This next generation R1's wheelbase is 10mm shorter than on the current model – now 1,405mm – and the new 570mm swing arm is 15mm shorter. Both the caster and fork offset are the same as the current R1, and for increased front-end feel the front axle diameter is increased by 3mm to 25mm.

By using aerodynamic analysis to create a more efficient shape, Yamaha's designers also succeeded in producing a cowl and screen that deliver an 8% reduction in wind resistance. Not by chance, its M1-esque central air intake and high windscreen promote high aerodynamic efficiency to deliver lower lap times on the circuit.

Riding the new R1 hard has never felt so easy, ten laps at your maximum pace will feel like three laps on other superbike machines. You won’t believe how easily 200PS can be tamed; instantaneously pushing your riding ability to the next level.

YZF-R1 Chassis – Technical highlights

  • Newly designed asymmetric aluminium Deltabox frame
  • Compact and short wheelbase design
  • 199kg wet weight / 179kg dry weight
  • Magnesium rear frame with aluminium truss-type swingarm
  • YZR-M1 type central forced air intake – see this technology in action by clicking here
  • Race-developed aluminium 17-litre fuel tank
  • KYB 43mm front forks with 120mm travel / Öhlins ERS for R1M
  • Bottom-link type Monocross rear suspension / Öhlins ERS for R1M
  • Lightweight cast-magnesium wheels
  • ABS with Yamaha Unified Brake System – see this technology in action by clicking here
  • Twin 320mm front disc brakes with new monoblock 4-piston calipers
  • 220mm rear disc with 1-piston pin-slide caliper
  • Unique new front face with LED position lights and compact LED headlights – see this technology in action by clicking here
  • Wide seat with race-developed fuel tank for optimal riding position
  • Mirrors with integral front flashers
  • Aluminium under protector
  • Rear mudguard manufactured from carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic resin (CFRTP)

For more detail on the technology and components listed above head over to http://www.yamaha-motor.co.nz/NewR1

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