Yamaha’s latest 4-strokes

21 Mar 2014

Yamaha, New Zealand's most popular outboard brand, has added a new F175A and a new F115B to their award-winning range of 4-stroke outboards.

An important addition to the company's market-leading range, the new F175 fills the gap between two of Yamaha's most popular 4-stroke outboards: the powerful F150 and the award-winning F200.

Based on the F200's hugely successful 2.8-litre platform, the new F175 boasts the same large displacement and the same super-efficient four-cylinder, 16-valve double overhead camshaft design.

Thanks to clever Yamaha engineering, the new F175 is not only the lightest outboard in its class (weighing in at a paltry 224 kgs), it is also incredibly powerful and responsive, largely due to its sophisticated valve train design, a design proven by millions of hours of use.

The new F175 also features Yamaha's renowned single-throttle intake valve to further reduce weight and increase efficiency. At the same time, a highly-engineered knock sensor ensures the engine can run at peak efficiency and peak performance at high RPM — regardless of the conditions!

Mechanically controlled for ease of use in both new boat and repower applications, the new F175 is also compatible with Yamaha's famed SDS (Shift Dampening System) propellers. Using a splined rubber hub to absorb the force created when the outboard is shifted into or out of gear, the increasingly-popular SDS props ensure smooth, virtually noise-free gear changes, resulting in greater durability and more pleasant operation.

Thanks to a 50-amp output, the new F175 ensures there is always enough power for the ever-increasing range of accessories boat owners want on board. The powerful new outboard is also compatible with Yamaha's Command Link gauges and hardware (including Yamaha's Variable Trolling function) and the Y-COP® theft deterrent system.

Exciting new F115B

Replacing one of Yamaha's most widely-used and reliable models, the new F115B had to be exceptional – and it is!

The new F115B is not only even more powerful and compact than its predecessor, it is also, at just 171kgs, substantially lighter, too. Weighing an incredible 15kgs less than the F115A, it is now the undisputed lightweight in its class, a full 11kgs lighter than its nearest 4-stroke competitor.

Much of this incredible weight saving has come from the use of advanced new manufacturing techniques and materials such as those used in the F115B's composite cowling, it's new single ram power trim and tilt mechanism and a new lightweight mounting bracket.

With a greater cubic capacity (now 1.8 litres!), Yamaha's famous Double-Overhead Cam (DOHC) four-cylinder design and larger intake and exhaust valves for easier breathing, the new F115B boasts noticeably more power and better midrange torque. The compression ratio has been increased, too, as has the full-throttle RPM range (now up to 6300rpm!). Add a knock sensor that allows the engine to operate reliably at peak output and the result is truly great response and terrific acceleration throughout the entire RPM range.

The new F115B is mechanically controlled and compatible with Yamaha's Command Link gauges and hardware as well as the Y-COP theft deterrent system. When fitted with Yamaha's Command Link gauges or Multi-Function Tiller Handle, the new outboard also comes with Yamaha's popular Variable Trolling function.

Orders are now being taken for the new F175A and F115B outboards, both of which will be covered by a four-year recreational use factory warranty, at Yamaha's nationwide network of authorised dealers. The two new 4-stroke outboards will also be on display on the Yamaha stand at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show in Auckland on May 15-18.


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