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That’s A Wrap For Successful Yamaha Off-Road Demo Days And Blucru Kids Camps

As a successful summer of Yamaha Off-Road Demo Days and bLUcRU Kids Camps winds up, 

Yamaha Motorsport Manager Josh Coppins reflects on the benefits they have brought to the motorcycling community.

Both activations were held across New Zealand, in seven different locations, from October 2021 to May 2022. The final bLUcRU Kids Camp wrapped up in Omihi, Christchurch on May 1 and was an enjoyable conclusion to the season, Coppins says.

“Our Christchurch bLUcRU Kids Camp went really well and we had some great weather, a fantastic landowner and 1000 acres to work with. We set up four tracks for beginners through to experts and with a lot of moisture in the ground there was no dust, so we had perfect conditions.”

Coppins adds that there were many entry level riders attending “and it was encouraging to see so many girls coming along as well. They were all able to get some really solid benefits from the event.”

“As we progress with our Yamaha activations, we are getting a better understanding of what tracks are required for our customers and everyone left Christchurch with big smiles on their faces. We had a lot of positive feedback.”

Despite the obvious administration challenges of running the bLUcRU Kids Camps amongst the Covid-19 pandemic and having to pivot and adjust as the situation changed, Coppins believes the Yamaha team executed them extremely well.

“We are proud of the flow on progression achieved by entry level kids, through to expert riders and the lack of accidents that occurred. We had a lot of happy customers, who had great experiences,” he says.

As the Yamaha Off-Road Demo Days moved through their second year, it allowed Coppins to reflect on the value Yamaha customers get from them.

“They are fortunate to have myself, my fellow, former top international rider Ben Townley and our factory Yamaha mechanic Tsuyoshi Watanabe (Nabe) on tap. There’s nowhere else in the world where they could go to get that calibre of support,” he says.

Coppins believes Yamaha’s Off-Road Demo Days stand out from the brand’s competitor offerings because they are “not just have a ride, then like it, or leave it.”

“Instead, the customers can go for a ride, then come in to learn about the adjustability of the Yamaha motorcycle. They can give us feedback about what they may not like, and we will work with them to adjust it, and to make it more comfortable. Every rider has different requirements and Ben, Nabe and I have a motto that it’s our job to give our customers no excuse not to purchase a Yamaha. I feel like we nailed it and our sales figures off the back of the demo days certainly reflected that promise as well.”

Introducing a kids demo session on the Saturday of the bLUcRU Kids Camps was a huge hit and helped ensure customers ended up purchasing the correct motorcycle for their capabilities.

“The biggest advantage of trying out different Yamaha models is that often customers turn up with a perception of what motorcycle they want, then leave with something quite different, which is more in tune with their abilities.”

“With kids this is particularly important because they can try the next bike up and see if they are ready for it. You don’t want to knock their confidence and if they jump up to a bike that’s too big, or too powerful, or too quick, it’s not beneficial to their progression,” Coppins says.

Following meetings on June 1 to finalise details for the up-coming summer season the Yamaha team will release the 2022/2023 bLUcRU Kids Camps and Yamaha Off-Road Demo Days calendar.

Coppins says that across the road racing, motocross and cross country disciplines, everyone is looking forward to returning to normal racing activities.

“We have some exciting events to announce around the YZ65 Cup and other activations. The crew at Yamaha Motor New Zealand is excited about the future and we can’t wait to be hopefully enjoying some normality and consistency in the up-coming season,” he concludes.