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Coastguard Hibiscus Clocking up the Summertime Hours

It has been a busy summer for Coastguard Hibiscus on Auckland’s Whangaparaoa Peninsula.

Coastguard Hibiscus has two vessels in its fleet, a 7.7m Sealegs powered by a Yamaha F200hp V6 four-stroke outboard, and a Naiad 9.5m powered by twin F250hp V6 Yamaha four-strokes.

The vessels can clock up around 800 engine hours per year, meaning their 100-hour service schedules come around very quickly. Raymond Greenfield, Maintenance Officer at Coastguard Hibiscus says the unit has a very busy service schedule of their Yamaha outboards at this time of year, but the relationship with its local Yamaha dealer has been key.

"As per the manufacturer recommendations for a commercial vessel in survey, we have the engines serviced every 100 hours, which at this time of year can come around quite frequently," says Greenfield.

The unit's 9.5m Naiad vessel had a 100-hour service just prior to Xmas, and just over four weeks later it is ready for another.

"We generally monitor the hours pretty closely, and usually when we start approaching 95 hours, we schedule a service."

"Obviously the summer period is a busy time of year for us, with lots of patrols and call outs."

"We have a really great relationship with our local Yamaha dealer, Fishing Boats NZ. We advise them of a day where we will be pulling the boat out of the water, and they send their mobile service team out to do the service. The boat is then back in the water within half a day and ready to respond should it be needed. Given our rigorous service of the vessel systems and the engines in particular, we are always very confident that the boat will start and be ready to go whenever we need it."

Coastguard Hibiscus is currently on its third set of Yamaha outboard engines. The engines are generally run for 1600-1700 hours and then replaced.