Skytech Academy trains people to become excellent operators
Professional training system

Skytech Academy has a training system that allows beginners to receive skill training right from the day of enrolment. Its training curriculum, tailored to the skill of each trainee, will steadily improve the control, flying and dispersal techniques of the trainee.

Versatile training materials

Skytech Academy uses versatile teaching materials, such as training simulators and master-servant proportional transmitters for radio control, thus providing efficient training in a short period.

Guidance given by professional instructors

A professional instructor gives skill training to a group of three to four trainees. The training is given according to the operational skill of each trainee. Training can be carried out at our facility or yours.


The Certificate of Operator Skill will be issued to each trainee on completion of the training course.

Training starts with simulator practice combined with course notes. Once you've got the basics, simulator practice changes from solo to group sessions with instructor assistance. The final step is a two week intensive course you'll be flying the real thing from day one. Two controllers are linked allowing the instructor to maintain safety at all times.