Yamalube 2-stroke and 4-stroke Oil Change Kits

If you love hitting the track and trails on your Yamaha, then you know how important it is to keep it running at its very best. That’s why Yamalube has introduced 3 new oil change kits designed specifically for Yamaha 2-stroke and 4-stroke off road bikes making it easy and convenient to perform the oil change procedure.

These convenient all-you-need kits contain the recommended Yamalube oil variants and all necessary Yamaha genuine parts to perform this procedure, which have been specifically designed by the same engineers who designed the bikes. Each kit also contains the step-by-step instruction sheet, a sticker kit, and a link to the ‘how-to’ videos by Josh Coppins. Three variants are available:

    • 2-Stroke
    • 4-Stroke semi-synthetic
    • 4-stroke fully-synthetic

The Yamalube Oil Change Kits are exclusively available through the Yamaha dealer network. To find your closest dealer, click here