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Yamaha Motor Finance

Make Your Dream A Reality

Yamaha has been supplying innovative and exciting leisure products for more than 60 years and Yamaha Motor Finances (YMF) goal is to help you purchase the products you have always wanted to make your dream a reality.

Yamaha Motor Finance New Zealand Limited is a 100% owned subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd. YMF was established to give Yamaha customers access to specially tailored finance packages on Yamaha’s huge range of motor products. This unique relationship means YMF has a better understanding of motorcycle and marine products.

If you are looking to finance your new Yamaha powered product, YMF provides real value.  

Apart from competitive rates, you also benefit from the following:

  • Fixed interest rate and repayments
  • Flexible loan terms available from 2 to 5 years
  • Ability to finance accessories and approved insurances

A YMF loan is simple and convenient, applications can be completed in person at one of Yamaha’s nationwide dealerships or online through the YMF website. The following products can be financed through all Yamaha dealers:

  •  Motorcycles - Scooters - ATV’s - SSV
  •  Outboard Motors - Boats - WaveRunners - Trailers
  •  Golf Carts - RMAX - Generators 
  •  Power Equipment

Now there is even more reason to take advantage of the benefits Yamaha Motor Finance & Insurance can offer you – you choose the option that best suits you!

  • Consumer Loan

    The consumer loan is suitable for customer purchasing goods that will be used for personal, domestic or household purposes. A consumer loan is secured fixed interest rate loan. Repayments can be structured on a fortnightly or monthly basis. 

    Build up equity in Asset
    Fixed repayments
    Ability to include accessories
    Finance bolt-ons
    Fixed interest rate
    Additional repayments flexibility
    Deposit optional
    Balloon payment option
    • Secured Loans

    Term: 24 to 60 months

    Amount financed: No maximum loan amount. Borrow from $1500

    For information on interest rates, fees and charges please refer to Cost of Borrowing section. 

    Standard Loan Contract – Disclosure Statement
       -  Guarantor Contract
      -  Terms and Conditions

  • How do I apply

    Applying for a YMF Loan is simple, either visit your local Yamaha dealer, call our Direct Sales Team on 0800 777 123 or apply via our online application. 


    Tips for completing this form:

    Please provide as much information as possible to support your application
    The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory
    Once you have submitted the application an e-mail will be sent to you confirming receipt of the information you have provided

    On completion of your application you will be contacted by your local dealer. When you submit this pre-approved application, the data will be encrypted and sent securely to your dealer. 

    To help speed up the assessment of your loan application, bring along the following for verification of your application

    Proof of identification - eg. drivers licence
    Proof of income -
    eg. current pay slips
    Your banking details -
    for direct debit payment
    • Proof of address - eg Rates Notice, Bank Statement or Utility Bill

    Credit criteria, fees, charges and conditions apply. Finance available to approved applicants of Yamaha Motor Finance New Zealand Limited. FSP 9622/NZBN 9429036270798. Offer only available at participating Yamaha dealerships.

  • Cost of Borrowing Information

    The cost of borrowing table includes information about interest rates, fees and charges that apply when the asset is being acquired wholly or predominantly for personal, domestic or household purposes, or the credit being provided is to be used to acquire the asset for personal, domestic or household purposes (and not for business or investment purposes). 

    The consumer credit fees and charges may apply or become payable under the contract or during the life of the contract.

    Credit Fees and Charges




    Application Fee Motorcycle, SPV E-bike

    The application fee is a loan establishment fee and charged when the loan is advanced/established. It can be included in the financed amount.


    Application Fee Marine

    The application fee is a loan establishment fee and charged when the loan is advanced/established. It can be included in the financed amount.

    $325 to $395

    Dealer/Broker Administration Fee

    Dealer/Broker administration fee is based on Net Amount Financed as follows:


    a) $1,500 to $2,999

    b) $3,000 to $4,999

    c) $5,000 to $9,999

    d) $10,000 to $20,000

    e) $20,001 plus


    a) $165
    b) $275
    c) $490
    d) $600
    e) $720

    PPSR Fee

    We will charge a PPSR Fee to register our security interest PPSR. The fee is charged on each individual asset.

    $8.05 per asset (Approx.)

    Default Service Fee

    The Default Service Fee will be charged to each cheque payment or direct debt that is dishonoured.


    Full Prepayment Charge

    If you pay the loan account outstanding balance in full before the schedule final payment due date (full payment) you will be required to pay a fee to compensate YMF for any loss resulting from the pre-payment.


    The full prepayment charge is calculated as follows:


    $300 *M divided by T + $50 admin fee



    M= the number of months still to run in the terms of the contract

    T= the term of the loan in months


    Recovery Costs and Enforcement Expenses

    If a default occurs and YMF takes steps to enforce the contract or a security under it, YMF will charge you for costs, liabilities and expenses it incurs in exercising and enforcing its rights and remedies, including the costs of repossession and associated with sale and legal costs, including on a solicitor/own client basis together with disbursements.

    All costs, liabilities and expenses after a default occurs

    Annual Interest Rates
    The annual interest rate is a fixed rate for the loan term on a standard form contract. YMF may consider a range of factors when it determines the actual interest rate which will apply to each loan, including: the net amount financed and term of the loan, the complexity of the loan, the age, type and condition of the asset being financed, the borrower's credit history, the borrower's asset position and the borrower's risk assessment rating as determined by YMF. Interest is calculated by multiplying the outstanding balance at the end of each day by a daily interest rate. The daily interest rate is calculated by dividing the Annual Interest Rate by 365 (or 366 in a leap year). Interest is then debited to the loan account on each Installment Payment Date. 
    As a guide, the following are the different asset categories and their respective interest rates ranges (excluding YMF program rates used on special promotions):

    Asset Type

    Interest Rate (p.a)

    Motorcycle, SPV E-bike

    10.15% to 16.95%

    Water Vehicles

    10.15% to 16.95%

    Marine Package (Boat, Trailer, Motor) and Repower

    10.15% to 16.95%

    Default Interest Rates
    YMF may charge default interest on any amount that is not paid by a borrower when it is due.


    Default Interest is a rate equal to the Annual Interest rate plus 3% per annum


    The default interest rate is charged (in addition to annual interest rate) on the arrears amount outstanding. The rate varies based on when a contract was initiated.

    The above figures apply to consumer loan products that are provided by YMF NZ under the CCCFA. Interest rates, credit fees and charges are subject to change. All applications for credit are subject to approval of YMF NZ’s credit criteria. Finance is provided by Yamaha Motor Finance New Zealand Ltd NZBN 9429036270798 FSP9622.


    Click here for a general YMF enquiry

    Phone: 0800 777 123

    Email: directsales@ymf.co.nz

    Fax: 0800 904 123


    Hours of operation

    Monday to Friday (Exception Australian Public Holidays)

    8.00 am to 5.00 pm (AEDT)


    Yamaha Motor Finance New Zealand Ltd.                                                       

    58 Lady Ruby Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013
    Private Bag 94412, Botany, Auckland 2163


    Hardship Assistance 

    For hardship assistance please contact us by;

    Phone: 0800 777 123

    Email: customerassist@ymf.co.nz

    Fax: 0800 904 123

    Mail: Private Bag 94412, Botany, Auckland 2163


  • General Information

  • Complaints

    Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Process
    If you have a complaint about any aspects of our products and services, please contact us first on 0800 777 123 so that we can resolve your concerns. Once we are aware of your concern our staff will take the appropriate steps to address your concerns immediately. 
    If the staff member is not able to resolve this with you, the matter will be escalated to a higher level to the relevant manager. You may request this escalation at any time by calling or writing to us. The manager will investigate the issue and take all reasonable steps to resolve the matter with you or your authorised representative.

    Escalating your complaint
    Should you feel that your complaint has not been properly handled or you are not satisfied with the result, you may request an independent review of your dispute by writing to:

    Dispute Resolution Officer
    Yamaha Motor Finance New Zealand Limited.
    Private Bag 94412
    Botany, Auckland 2163
    Email: complaints@ymf.co.nz

    External Dispute Resolution Scheme
    If you feel we have not fairly resolved your complaint you can refer the matter to an external dispute resolution service. Yamaha Motor Finance New Zealand is a member of the Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL). This independent body is approved by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Complaints to FSCL need to meet certain criteria. FSCL’s service does not cost you anything.

    The contact details for the Financial Services Complaints Ltd are:
    Financial Services Complaints Ltd 
    PO Box 5967
    Lambton Quay
    Wellington 6145 
    Phone: (Call Free) 0800 347 257 or (Wellington) (04) 472 FSCL (4723725)
    Fax: (04) 472 3728
    Web site: www.fscl.org.nz

    Download our complaints brochure (PDF) for more information.

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  • Disclaimer

    The information provided by YMF on this website is of a general nature and for information only. Before making a decision about finance options featured on our website, you should consult with your independent legal, taxation and financial advisor, who can advise you which finance arrangement will best suits your individual circumstances, objectives and personal or commercial needs.

    Note: Loan applications are subject to YMF’s normal lending approval process and credit is subject to approval. Credit criteria, fees and charges, terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our General Information  section for more details about our loan products, fees, charges and standard loan terms and conditions.  A copy of full terms and conditions is also available on request and will be included with the loan contract and schedule. 

    Yamaha Motor Finance New Zealand Ltd NZBN 9429036270798 FSP 9622

    Yamaha Motor Finance New Zealand Privacy Policy

    You are protected by responsible lending laws. Because of these protections, the recommendations given to you about YMFNZ’s consumer loan, consumer loan with balloon and line of credit products are not regulated financial advice.

    This means that duties and requirements imposed on people who give financial advice do not apply to these recommendations. This includes a duty to comply with a code of conduct and a requirement to be licensed.