Yamaha 2030 Vision

 ART for Human Possibilities

One look at the world today makes it clear that values will continue to become increasingly diverse. At the same time, issues related to the global environment and society will become even more critical and complex. To address these social changes, efforts are being made to achieve the targets established in the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

More than ever, companies are required to transform their businesses based on a long-term outlook, as well contributing to the resolution of social issues through their business activities. Against this backdrop, we have set our Long Term Vision for 2030 as ART for Human Possibilities.


This vision sets three areas of focus using Advancing Robotics to address social issues in uniquely Yamaha ways. Rethinking Solutions, and Transforming Mobility as themes for growth in existing businesses as well as the development of new businesses.




Changing the Way We Live

While we believe firmly in the potential of humankind we also realise that many of the issues we will face in the near future will require innovation in current technology. Making use of intelligent technology, we will develop advanced robotics and new ways to apply these breakthroughs to suit the needs of people and society, creating strong ties between us and our customers. Robotics will be the key in all our activities supporting human operation and enhancing comfort.



Changing the Way We See the World

As the world changes and society evolves, the problems we face become even more diverse. It is no longer enough to anticipate future needs with current technology and ideas. only through innovation and the application of our expertise in engineering will we be able to unlock the potential in each of us. We have the confidence to move forward, and to rethink solutions that enhance the way we live and excel in creating KANDO.



Changing the Way We Move

One of the greatest challenges facing future generations is mobility. Growing populations, aging populations, and specific needs. Each society will demand the freedom and excitement that comes from mobility. Developing new methods of transport that not only provide emotion but also enrich our lives by offering the confidence to move safely, comfortably and responsibly, will be crucial. Through our personal-scale mobility, we are committed to providing solutions that serve each phase of our lives, realising seamless motion. We focus on natural human motion that Revs Your Heart.