Our Mission

Ever since our founder, Genichi Kawakami, established Yamaha Motor in 1955, it is our mission to give to ALL our customers KANDO. And not just only with our products 

KANDO is a Japanese word to express the feeling of deep satisfaction and excitement you get when you encounter something of exceptional value, quality, and performance. It’s a thrilling emotion that adds spice to your life, and starts our hearts revving! All our products and services have been designed and produced by people who truly enjoy what they do. Their goal is to provide you with the very best experience possible.


KANDO Device

The Yamaha brand is broken down into three layers. The first is our Corporate Mission: to be a KANDO creating company. The second is our Brand Slogan; Revs Your Heart. The third is the Unique Style of Yamaha represented through Innovation, Excitement, Confidence, Emotion and Ties.