Tracer 7 - Staff Test Ride Review

Yamaha’s new Tracer 7 sport touring model does not look to pigeonhole its rider; Yamaha staff members Shane Rawling and Michelle Eastburn are proof of this. While both are passionate motorcycle riders, that’s where the similarity ends. Yet, both fell in love with the parallel twin-cylinder machine from the moment they slipped the key into the ignition for the first time.

The Yamaha Tracer 7 is a fusion of sport and versatility, redefining the mid-sized sport-touring segment. Powered by Yamaha’s celebrated 689cc parallel-twin-cylinder CP2 engine that appears in models across Yamaha’s wide range, the Tracer 7 delivers an exhilarating performance that’s equally at home on twisty mountain roads or long highway stretches. Its agile chassis and comfortable ergonomics offer riders a delightful balance between sporty handling and long-distance comfort. We met with Shane and Michelle to find out why they love the Tracer 7.


Shane Rawling

Absolutely perfect. The CP2 engine and platform are just second to none; it’s flawless, it’s perfect. I think it will become one of the iconic engines in motorcycling history, not just for Yamaha but in general.

It doesn’t have a massive amount of horsepower, but it’s very tractable with lots of torque. It is very manageable, but you can still get up and move when needed, helped by its easily handling nature. The Tracer 7 will deliver a thrilling experience when you want it to.

It’s also an extremely good-looking bike. The styling from front to rear is seamless, topped off by the frontal area with the daytime running lights and dual headlights that illuminate simultaneously. The black colour scheme with the gold wheels is my choice, and the quality of the finish is highlighted in subtle but important touches, such as the gold stitching on the seat. Every detail has been given a lot of thought, from the comfortable high handlebars to the cutting-edge TFT dashboard, which offers crystal clarity day and night with proper-sized numbers and letters. The vivid blue tachometer bar is a bonus.

It’s not just a motorcycle; it’s a versatile companion for my upcoming adventures. I’m going to be riding the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and then into Tasmania. I’ll also ride it up to Queensland over Christmas. I have a lot of rides planned, including fun day rides like the Putty Road and Rural National Park.

Shane Rawling
I think Yamaha’s CP2 engine will go down as one of the iconic engines in motorcycling history



Michelle Eastburn

Being a bit vertically challenged, I initially doubted my suitability for the Tracer 7, but my concerns dissolved within the first 10 minutes of riding. By the time I rolled back home after picking it up from work, I was thoroughly captivated.

I decided a spirited run up the twists and turns of Putty Road and then onto the Hunter Valley was required to ensure I liked the bike as much as I thought. After clocking up nine hours of bike riding, I returned home grinning from ear to ear. I was so amazed by the level of enjoyment the bike delivered that I went straight out and ordered one. The sporty performance of the CP2 engine effortlessly makes the transitions between commuter, sportster, and long-range touring, ably assisted by comfortable ergonomics that keep you feeling fresh all day.

Also high on my list of things that impressed me was the styling - this is a good-looking bike - the quality of the finish with fantastic attention to detail, as well as the wide handlebar and adjustable suspension that deliver a comfortable ride.

The Tracer 7 ticks all the boxes for anyone seeking a balance between performance and practicality. Although I didn’t delve into its connectivity features, I see how they’d be convenient for managing incoming calls and messages by integrating with smartphone technology.

This motorcycle ticks all the boxes, delivering an exhilarating riding experience with modern convenience.


Michelle Eastburn
“Within 10 minutes, I loved it; by the time I got home, I was hooked.”


About the Tracer 7

Tracer 7 is the ultimate middleweight for riders who want sport bike excitement combined with long-range versatility and urban flexibility. This model was available in Australia a few years ago with a LAMs engine but this latest version is new with many updated features and HO (High Output) only - so suits the more experienced rider who appreciates its combination of lightweight chassis and strong power delivery from the 689cc 270-degree twin. Learn More