Yamaha Sponsored Seabins Cleaning Our Waterways

Yamaha Motor Australia staff recently headed to Sydney Harbour to visit the dedicated team from Australian company, Seabin™. The day trip provided an opportunity to learn more about the excellent work Seabin™ is carrying out with the assistance of Yamaha Motor. The day also coincided with the launch of the latest Seabin™ model designed to collect more rubbish from our waterways than ever before.   


Yamaha Motor Australia is a major sponsor of the Seabin Project through its Rightwaters program, an initiative committed to the conservation and sustainability of our oceans and waterways. It's hoped that this commitment will ensure the wide range of marine products Yamaha produces can be enjoyed by future generations. 

"It was amazing to see one of the Seabins in action," said YMA's Brand & Content Marketing Manager Ollie Sharp. "But what was more eye-opening was having the garbage and micro plastics collected by one of these bins emptied at our feet. You realise just how much garbage ends up in our waterways each day, and how important it is for companies like Seabin™ and Yamaha Motor to tackle the issue head-on."

With Yamaha's assistance, Seabin™ has been able to expand its program, placing more than 20 of its high-tech Seabins in the waters around Sydney Harbour. These Seabins will collect more than 20 tonnes of plastics, surface oils and other debris per year. Without Seabin™, these damaging waste materials would continue floating around in our waterways, killing marine life and damaging our fragile marine ecosystems. 

With ongoing technical and financial assistance through Yamaha's Rightwaters program, Seabin™ will continue to expand it operations, with the goal of placing Seabins in major waterways around the globe. This program is called the #100 Smarter Cities For Cleaner Oceans campaign.

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Yamaha Motor Company is committed to environmental, social, and governance issues (ESGs) including the conservation and sustainability of our oceans and waterways through the Yamaha Motor Group Environmental Plan 2050, as well as its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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