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Along with running industry and agricultural training on farm-style ATVs, Rodney Jenner is widely recognised around Australia as the leading sports and recreational coach and trainer. Rodney has the highest level of coaching accreditation with the Australian Coaching Council and Motorcycling Australia. He continues to develop his skills running ATV sports courses around the country.


Rodney Jenner's background is in two wheel off road motorcycles however he has been coaching Sports ATV since 2003 when he ran the first ever ATV motocross school in Victoria with former USA National TT and Motocross Champion Tim Farr. Since this initial course Rodney has developed the Sports ATV training Course and has coached many of Australia's leading ATV racers including Luke Beechey, Aaron & Tate Ovens, Mitch Van Vliet and many others.

Rodney continues to develop his coaching as a member of the Motorcycling Australia national Coaching Committee and presents Motorcycling Australia's Level 2 coaching program at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra. This gives him leading edge information on the advancement of techniques and styles of training. Rodney also developed and runs Motorcycling Queensland's Under 21s Elite Rider Program.

Course Structure

There are a number of different course structures depending on the attending riders. Courses can be tailored towards motocross, enduro or recreational off road riding (trail riding). The courses can be set up for different levels of riding from beginner through to advanced riding. We have run courses for specific groups eg: kids, seniors and on occasion a specific ladies only course.

Course Content

ATV courses cover all aspects of riding sports ATVs including:

  • Riding position
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Control use (throttle and clutch)
  • Obstacles (eg jumps and logs)

All courses are tailored to the specific needs of the riders

Most courses are priced at $120 per day per person

For further information contact the office.

Address: PO Box 115, Palm Beach Qld 4221
Phone: 0408 187 288

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