ATV Safety Videos

These videos have been developed by Yamaha Motor and is based on the USA ATV Safety Institute guidelines to complement the Yamaha ATV Rider Course.

The ATV Rider Course offers hands-on training, with particular emphasis on safety techniques highlighting best practice in ATV riding. The course also covers protective gear, environmental concerns and local laws. The practical training includes pre-ride inspections, starting and stopping, turning (gradual and quick), hills (stopping, turning around, traversing), emergency stopping and swerving, and riding over obstacles.

ATVs are fun as well as functional. They are used in all types of off-road applications such as farming, industrial use, military and police, surf patrolling, racing and recreational activities. Being responsible, using common sense and practising important skills are all key ingredients in making ATV riding more rewarding.

These videos require that you install the FREE Adobe Flash Player plugin for your browser. The plugin is easy to download/install and usually takes less than two minutes.

The videos have been split into 13 segments for your convenience. To view the segments, click the 'Play Video' link for the video that you wish to watch.

Whatever type of ATV you ride, keep these basics in mind:

  • Children 6-11 years should be restricted to ATVs under 70cc and supervised by an adult
  • Children 12-15 years should be restricted to ATVs of no more than 90cc and supervised by an adult
  • ATVs exceeding 90cc should be accessible only to riders 16 years and over
  • Yamaha recommends that all riders take an approved ATV rider course
  • Always wear the appropriate standard of approved helmet, eye protection and protective clothing
  • Never ride an ATV on paved surfaces or public roads
  • Never carry passengers
  • Never engage in stunt riding
  • Avoid excessive speed
  • Take extra care on difficult terrain
  • Don't mix alcohol or drugs with ATV riding
  • Ride with respect for the environment
  • Observe all relevant state and local laws

Please remember to "tread lightly" and always ride in a responsible manner. The ATV Safety Manual is available on the Yamaha Website.

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