Learner Approved Motorcycle



Win the rat race.

There’s nothing like the feel of a new bike. The smell, the tight feel, the warranty… so why buy used when you can get yourself on a shiny new Yamaha for minimal outlay?

Scorpio is proof that you can buy a crisp new scoot that will get you to work with a few grins along the way, for the same money as buying used.

The secret is simplicity. At its heart, Scorpio has a strong, reliable four-stroke SOHC engine that – being a Yamaha – you know is going to last. It’s bolted into a package with all the bare essentials, like a neutral-handling chassis, comfortable suspension and a disc front brake. A highly manoeuvrable commuting package that’s surprisingly good fun, and super economical that’s Scorpio.

Just like the models at the upper end of the high-performance scale, learner motorcycles need plenty of style and substance. Combining genuine sporting ability and real world usability the Yamaha Scorpio not only has the user friendliness and practicality to bring new riders to Yamaha, it also has enough “go/turn/stop” to entertain more experienced riders.

And if features, style, and substance aren’t enough to float your boat there’s one more thing you should do - check out the retail price!