Yamaha's proven reliability will get you to where you want to go and back home again
Featuring a 3-step shallow water drive function for shallow conditions, the compact F6 is sure to take you places
Yamaha's F6 - Quiet, smooth, economical and reliable.
Yamaha's lightweight portable four-strokes feature auto-decompression & an oil leak prevention system for ease of transportation
Yamaha’s unique oil leak prevention system allows you to store/transport the F6 on either side or its front without leaking oil.



Compact, light weight and powerful.

Lightweight, compact and economical. Yamaha’s single cylinder portable, the F6 has been designed to be ultra-easy to use and feature a specially developed four stroke, OHV design delivering excellent combustion efficiency as well as economical and smooth running.

For easy pull starting, the F6 feature an auto decompression device fitted to the camshaft. This system releases pressure in the cylinder when the manual pull start is engaged allowing the user a much lighter pull starting experience.

For convenient transport and mounting, the F6 is fitted with an economically designed grasp on the front of the motor and a large carry handle on the rear.

The F6 also feature Yamaha’s unique oil leak prevention system, which allows you to store or transport the engine on either side or its front without leaking engine oil.

This means worry free transport in a car boot and hassle free storage. Designed to be versatile, Yamaha F6 feature a five step adjustable trim allowing the user to adjust the operating angle of the engine according to boat load or water conditions.

The three step Shallow Water Drive feature offers added manoeuvrability in shallow conditions. In-built fuel tanks on this engine means it can go with you on any adventure. For extra range the F6 also have the ability to connect to an external fuel tank.

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