2013 Yamaha Motor New Zealand Off-road Range

Staying Ahead Of the Pack

In the white heat of the technology race, no change means going backwards. That’s why Yamaha engineers are constantly developing new models. Not new for the sake of being new, but with the dedicated goal of introducing new experiences to Yamaha owners.
Two of Australiasia’s best selling MX and enduro models - the YZ250F and WR450F - have recently been designed from the ground up, and both have scooped Australian and New Zealand titles.
You may notice some similarities between the new models and those they replace. But that’s not because changes were overlooked. It’s because some changes were not deemed necessary. When you are working with a winning formula – as evidenced by the ongoing popularity and race wins of these two legendary models - the key is to know what requires tweaking and what needs to be retained.
Yamaha engineers are masters at getting the balance right. When wholesale mods are required, they are not afraid to come out with a design like the YZ450F – the model that won Team CDR Yamaha its fifth straight National MX title at the hands of Josh Coppins.
And it’s not just the cutting edge MX and enduro bikes that show Yamaha’s obsession with technology. Because the comprehensive 2013 off-road range which encompasses trail and adventure categories are all honed and primed in the pursuit of perfection.
Ride a Yamaha and stay ahead of the pack.

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