2013 Yamaha Motor New Zealand LAMS Range

Sweet Learning Curve

It’s your first time on two wheels and there’s so much to learn. Mirror, signal, manoeuvre and watch out for that errant car pilot who is looking right at you but hasn’t seen you. And which bike to choose out of the huge number on offer adds to the sometimes daunting first time experience.
At Yamaha we like to see you learn by example. Check out the flowing lines and pure concentration of Jorge Lorenzo as he leads his YZR-M1 onto yet another MotoGP world title. And know that the technology that wins races is in the DNA of all our bikes, no matter the size or application.
For Yamaha winning is the catalyst that spurs on our technical gurus at the Iwata dream factory. Because all the information that race teams generate is painstakingly fed back to the factory where it filters down to Yamahas on the showroom floor. So if you ever wondered why your super scooter goes, handles and stops so well – not to mention its reliability and build quality - it’s because what
we learn at the race track makes a major contribution to the development of all our products.
You could call it the sweet learning curve.
This year, Yamaha has refined existing models and introduces some entirely new road bikes such as the MT-03 sportster and the latest incarnation of the YZF-R15 sports commuter that are designed to offer the sweetest introduction to the world of two wheels. Just remember that whatever type of Yamaha you choose from road oriented to scooter and right into the dirt, race winning DNA comes standard.

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