2013 Yamaha Motor New Zealand ATV Utilty Range

Check the Specs and We’ll See You Soon

Yamaha ATVs are not strong in one area – they are strong in all areas. You will not find a better drive system, more purposeful off road ability or higher build quality. Don’t believe us? Ask around, check the specs, use the web, touch and feel the products in front of you. Compare the level of equipment, note the standards of componentry and check the fit and finish. We’re confident you’ll agree that Yamaha ATVs have several key advantages.
For example, Yamaha’s Ultramatic™ drive system is acknowledged as the best in the industry*. The simple and reliable mechanical system employs no complex electronics and is low maintenance. Complementing the Ultramatic™ system is Yamaha’s industry-exclusive three-position On-Command® In/Out 4WD feature that allows the rider to switch between 2WD, limited-slip 4WD and fully locked differential 4WD — all with the simple push of a button.
Yamaha’s high end ATVs – including the Rhino SSV – are fitted with Independent Rear Suspension. This means all wheels are independently linked to the chassis. Which helps to keep the tyres in consistent contact with theground for longer soaking up uneven terrain. It’s a major contributor to rider comfort.
Factor in Yamaha build quality and a reliability level that is the envy of the industry and it’s no wonder magazine testers agree that Yamaha ATVs are the best when the going gets rough.

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