2011 Yamaha Motor New Zealand Star Brochure

Star Quality.

For riders who like to stand out form the crowd with a motorcycle of exceptional quality, we offer you the Star range of cruisers. We pride ourselves on building cruisers that don’t just look, sound and feel the business, they also go, stop and handle like a motorcycle should. We believe that just because you appreciate the long and low lines of a cruiser doesn’t mean you have to put up with cruise ship handling. Coincidence it isn’t - our racing heritage drives Yamaha to creatively blend advanced technology and materials with development aims that match the true heartbeat of cruising. Check out the impressive Star model range that provides a capacity and style for all tastes. Quantity and quality.

Or, have you ever wondered what it’s like to ride a flagship? Take a spin on our Star VMAX and your senses will thank you. Even at walking pace you’ll feel the force as you cop envious glances from riders and non-motorcyclists alike. Because the VMAX experience is not like any other. The immense power and high stimulation from the mighty sculpted V4 engine hammers out eyeball-flattening acceleration at a flick of the wrist, regardless of speed or gear. What’s more, with taut chassis and superbike brakes, you’ll experience a sublime handling and cornering performance you’d have never thought possible, one that will have you lusting for the next corner. VMAX is a 100% immersive release that stimulates every sense in the pursuit of ultimate satisfaction.


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