2011 Yamaha Motor New Zealand ATV Utility Brochure

When you have to get the job done, trust Yamaha.

Doesn’t matter what the weather’s doing or how bad the conditions, farmers know that when a job needs doing, you bite the bullet and get out there. Yamaha shares your philosophy. Our utility vehicles are required to work on cue and work well, every single time you ask and for as many years as possible. So whether it’s an All Terrain Vehicle, AG bike or Side-by-Side vehicle that is best for your particular task, Yamaha has your workload covered. Because we’ve been designing, building and developing agribusiness vehicles for as long as there’s been agribusinesses. AG bikes? A Yamaha invention originally designed for the New Zealand and Australian market and now sold - and copied - globally. The Rhino? First Side-by-Side in the marketplace and still the best way to tackle gnarly terrain two up. ATVs? We were there at ground zero… when suspension was considered a luxury. Yamaha introduced the unique Ultramatic™ drive system and continues to innovate with features like Electric Power Steering. Years of painstaking development has happened since the introduction of those pioneer models. The result is the current 2011 range - our most thoroughly refined utility vehicles yet. This refinement means that when it comes to reliability, resale value, power, handling or plain old workplace efficiency - you won’t find a more a serious solution than a Yamaha.

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