Andrew hooks into it in perfect conditions on his Yamaha FX High Output.
“Just getting to the fishing spot is fun,” says extreme fishing enthusiast Andrew

WaveRunner Is Weapon Of Choice For Extreme Fishing

11 Nov 2009

When it comes to exploring new ways to have fun by adapting existing sports you have to hand it to the Kiwis.

Auckland’s Andrew Hill is a case in point. Andrew is a pioneer in the field of water vehicle fishing and his dedication to this new sport and passion for his craft is unquestionable.

Water vehicle fishing is a fast growing sport in both NZ and Australia that highlights the versatility of the new generation of Yamaha WaveRunners. WaveRunners are the craft of choice in this new sport due to their inherent stability, smooth riding hulls, superior fuel efficiency and, most importantly, reliability that sets them apart from the competition.

Andrew’s obsession started in 2007 following an experimental fishing trip with his son to investigate the possibility of fishing from their WaveRunner. The first trip was a huge success and Andrew was immediately ‘hooked’. Since then he has honed his WaveRunner fishing skills using a variety of gear. The most important addition to his tackle box has been a collection of soft plastics that enables him to fish cleanly and without the hassle of continually baiting hooks.

“I mainly target Snapper, Trevally, Gurnard, John Dory, and Kahawai,” says Andrew. “I currently use a complete range of Daiwa rods and reels, including two soft bait combos for the plastic fishing using Gulp soft plastic baits. For the Kingfish, I use the heavier gear with 80 pound braid for jigging. The rod used is a Daiwa Monster Mesh with the Daiwa Saltist 30T.”

Andrew’s hobby has quickly become a full time business with the production of his Ultimate Rod Holder which is exported to like minded personal watercraft fishos world wide. He also writes for magazines and operates a website dedicated to the new sport that hosts a forum for a global community of water vehicle fishos.

For his offshore adventures Andrew chooses the latest Yamaha FX High Output WaveRunner, a powerful machine with great ocean going credentials. The FX High Output features the latest hull design with a 1.8 litre engine matched with cruise control for long distance riding. Its stunning fuel efficiency means Andrew can travel long distances to get to his favourite spots.

“I can not say enough about my FX HO, it looks a sharp fishing machine with performance to match” says Andrew. “The handling and stability gives me the confidence to tackle extreme conditions on offshore fishing trips where weather can change quickly.”

More information on Andrew’s Jet Ski Fishing adventures and his Ultimate Rod Holder can be found at his website

Yamaha WaveRunners are available through a nation wide network of authorised dealers. The Yamaha range encompasses models to suit beginners right up to more experienced riders and racers. Full specifications and features can be found on the Yamaha website.

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