Yamaha Announces Arrival Date Of New 2015 WaveRunners

22 Oct 2014

Yamaha Motor Australia has announced its 2015 line of WaveRunner personal watercraft will arrive in Australian dealerships from the 1st of November. The exciting new range is highlighted by Yamaha’s new RiDE dual throttle handlebar controls for forward and reverse, the first complete rework of the popular VX Series in a decade, and Yamaha’s next generation NanoXcel material for its high performance SVHO models.


World’s First Dual Throttle Controls

Yamaha’s revolutionary new RiDE dual throttle control system is a huge advancement in PWC handling technology and has been applied to all Yamaha VX and FX series WaveRunners.

The RiDE system, which stands for Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Electronics, allows the rider to simply pull the right hand throttle lever to go forward, pull the left hand throttle lever to slow down and reverse. Let go of both levers and the watercraft is in neutral. The right and left throttle levers can work together at speed to give the driver maximum control.

RiDE utilises a patented bucket design that forces water out the sides of the bucket, whereby acting as a virtual rudder that keeps the watercraft tracking in the direction the driver intended.

The throttle system is controlled by an electronic Boat Control Unit, or BCU, that is specifically tuned at the factory to account for the power and weight of each specific model. This is to ensure optimum performance across the range, delivering a completely smooth experience when docking or slowing down. The BCU is also programmed to understand driver input and intention when both levers are pulled simultaneously, applying the appropriate level of acceleration or deceleration to maximize control.

“RiDE has been in development for years with the goal of forever changing the way people experience a personal watercraft,” said Scott Watkins, product manager for Yamaha’s Watercraft division. “Simply creating a deceleration mechanism wasn’t enough. We wanted a new technology that drivers would use all the time on their watercraft, and RiDE is just that. It’s a technology you will use the entire time you ride. There’s never been anything quite like it.”


All-New VX Series WaveRunners

For 2015, the world’s best-selling watercraft line receives its first complete upgrade in a decade.

This all-new platform for the VX and VX Deluxe includes features and technologies, including RiDE, that have never been seen before on a value priced watercraft. The high-performance VX18R also gets the new hull and deck redesign and RiDE.

 The redesign of the VX models include a new hull and deck that takes styling cues from Yamaha's flagship FX Series. The striking new deck with aggressive hard-edged lines now includes integrated mirrors, refined cockpit ergonomics, a two-piece seat design and a larger stern platform.

Under the water line is one of the best handling hulls Yamaha has ever designed. Featuring modified hull strakes, softer bow chines, and a new keel shape.  The new hull delivers excellent stability for three-up riding and towing, and precise responsiveness and predictability for thrilling one-up riding.


Next Generation NanoXcel Hull and Deck Material

For 2015, Yamaha introduces NanoXcel 2, a nanotechnology-engineered material that is even lighter than the previous version, while maintaining the structural integrity the material has come to be recognized for.

To create NanoXcel 2, Yamaha engineers innovated at the microscopic level using a combination of “nano” clay and glass micro-bubbles to develop a new stronger resin that uses less material. The glass particles used in NanoXcel 2 are smaller and stronger than other filler materials, contributing to the strength, rigidity and lightweight of the new hulls and decks.

NanoXcel 2 reduces the weight of the 2015 Yamaha FZS and FX SVHO models by 16 and 21 kilograms respectively, making NanoXcel 2 hulls, decks and liners the lightest in the industry and giving these high performance WaveRunners a huge advantage in their power to weight specifications. The result is noticeable improvements in acceleration and handling on the water.

Yamaha’s FX and FZ series will be available at Yamaha’s network of Authorized dealers from the beginning of November. New VX models will be available in 2015. For more information visit your local authorised Yamaha WaveRunner dealership.

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