Jeremy Burfoot and his new Yamaha VXR1800 WaveRunner set world records.

Melanoma Campaigner Makes Point - by Setting Two New World Records!

14 Feb 2012

Dedicated melanoma campaigner, Jeremy Burfoot, has set two new world records in his quest to raise awareness about the prolific disease.

Burfoot, an experienced PWC (Personal Water Craft) rider and a melanoma survivor, spent almost a whole day on Lake Karapiro on his new Yamaha VXR1800 WaveRunner.

In doing so he set a new world record for the fastest 1000km on a PWC. Using all of the VXR1800’s remarkable 1.8-litre power, Burfoot travelled the 1000km in just 9 hours and 48 minutes, smashing the existing record by 21 minutes and averaging more than 100km/hr.

Burfoot also rode his powerful VXR1800 to a new world record for the longest distance travelled on a PWC in six hours. Burfoot covered an incredible 618km in the time, an astonishing 106km more than the previous record.

Burfoot, who is now waiting for his two new world records to be ratified by the Guinness World Record authorities, says his main aim in setting the records is raise awareness about the deadly effects of melanoma, especially on middle-aged Kiwi men.

“Around 70% of the melanoma diagnosed in New Zealand is in over 50-year-olds and mostly in men,” he says. “Kiwi men think they are invincible but I can assure them they are not.”

Burfoot urged the wives, partners and children of males over-50 to keep an close eye out for any skin changes and, if they see any, to get them promptly checked out by a skin specialist.

Burfoot was also full of praise for his new VXR1800 water vehicle and for the support he received from Yamaha Motor NZ Ltd.

“Yamaha’s new VXR1800 is the very best PWC package. It was magnificent to ride, with no bad traits at all.

“The VXR1800 was not only very reliable, it was also incredibly economical. We used just 50 litres of fuel per hour – and that was at WOT (Wide open throttle) the whole time!”

Yamaha Motor New Zealand
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