The devil is in the detail. The 2015 R1 and R1M have been designed from the ground up with maximum aerodynamic efficiency.
Oh the carbon! The limited edition, high-spec, YZF-R1M is covered in lashings of the weight-saving technology
Every tank on the R1 and R1M is manufactured from aluminium for 1.6kg weight saving, but it’s the naked, hand-polished tank on the R1M that makes no two machines the same.

YZR-M1 Inspired Design

24 Mar 2015

The body design of the new R1 has been shaped by the demands of the racetrack, and for this reason we have used Yamaha’s winning MotoGP bike as our inspiration. With its central air duct and high, broad-shouldered front cowl and screen - as well as large outlets in the side cowling - the YZR-M1’s influence on the new R1’s body design is unmistakable.

Achieving rider-machine unity is crucial for success on the race circuit, and an element of the body design has been developed with this goal at the forefront of our designers’ minds.

The low-set fuel tank with its highly indented knee pockets enables the rider to sit ‘in’ the new R1 and take full control – and the wide seat gives greater freedom of movement during cornering and braking.

One of the most revolutionary design features on the new R1 is its radical new face with a unique ‘headlight-less’ look. In place of the usual twin headlights, this front cowl is equipped with thin and straight LED position lights, while the compact new LED headlights are located within the leading edge of the side cowling.

This exclusive design gives the 2015 YZF-R1 a ‘race-ready’ expression that confirms its circuit-focused character and M1 race-bike DNA.

The use of a low set fuel tank and a short nosed, low-set front cowling - combined with a large open space under the seat - form a silhouette that is markedly smaller than the current model. Other significant design features that accentuate the R1’s light and compact side view are its short 1405mm wheelbase, as well as the use of the centrally-located mid-ship muffler.

Engineers have also played close attention to aerodynamic efficiency. As a result any external components sitting in the airflow – such as mirrors and tail – have been designed with maximum aerodynamic efficiency. This not only helps to reduce drag, it also reinforces the feeling of speed and lightness of the new R1.

Special attention has been paid to the design of the rear cowl so that it draws air into the machine, and other features - such as engine covers, footrests and the ABS sensor cover - feature lightweight ribbed designs that reinforce the R1’s powerful image and reduce weight.

The four new colour options covering the YZF-R1 (Race Blu, Racing Red and Raven Black) and YZF-R1M (Silver Blu Carbon) endorse this notion of strength seen through the R1’s body design by using strong horizontal elements, and also emphasise the beauty of the machine’s components. The new colouring has also been developed to express the refinement, precision and attention to detail that are synonymous with Yamaha products.

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