The new R1 features the most sophisticated electronics package ever fitted to a production motorcycle.
The brand new digital Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD instrument panel in 'Street' mode at night.
The R1's digital Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD instrument panel showing the plethora of settings available through the bike's YRC.

Sophisticated and Seamless

26 Mar 2015

Every racer and track rider is always searching for total control. Because with total control comes higher cornering speeds, lower lap times, increased levels of excitement and reduced rider stress.

The all-new YZF-R1 comes with the most advanced electronic control technology ever seen on a production motorcycle. Featuring the first ever 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) ever featured on a street-legal machine, the new R1 represents the dawning of a new digital era where all riders can experience total 3D controllability.

The 6-axis IMU is a highly sophisticated piece of computer engineering that delivers comprehensive machine running data to the ECU via three gyro sensors and three G-sensors to measure machine pitch, roll, yaw, forward/backward, left/right and up/down momentum. By constantly analysing this data 125 times per second, the IMU is able to establish the R1’s position and behaviour – including lean angle, slide speed and pitching rate.

Armed with this data the ECU makes real time calculations to instantly adjust the R1’s Traction Control System (TC), Slide Control System (SCS), Lift Control System (LIF), Launch Control System (LCS) and Quick Shift System (QSS). The YZF-R1 braking set-up is as equally impressive, benefitting from a next-generation Unified Braking System coupled to all-new ABS. Technology that’s a first for all riders to get a taste of MotoGP winning YZR-M1 technology.

Also equipped with the next-gen R1 is a newly developed Power Mode selection (PWR), offering the rider four different adjustable running modes to regulate the R1’s throttle valve opening in relation to the throttle position.

On top of the PWR selection is the brand new Yamaha Ride Control System (YRC), which offers 4 grouped pre-sets – all adjustable – for quick ‘one-click’ selection of all electronic controls through easy handlebar switches. Test drive Yamaha's new YRC system by clicking here!

With its wide array of electronic controls, the new R1 produces a mass of information, and Yamaha have developed a stunning new 109mm wide Thin Film Transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display to provide a pin-point accurate view of this information in high definition. The LCD panel can be set to either ‘Street’ or ‘Track’ mode with a choice of a black or white background, and comes equipped with an ambient light senor to adjust the panel’s backlighting to suit prevailing conditions.

YZF-R1 customers looking for the ultimate package can also specify the fitment of the optional Communication Control Unit with GPS, which comes standard on the YZF-R1M. This user-friendly interface acts a comprehensive data logging function, allowing riders to record a wide range of running data. The CCU provides access to view, share and modify this data, as well as YRC settings, remotely via a computer or tablet.

YZF-R1 Electronic controls – Technical highlights

  • Highly sophisticated Electronic Control package
  • 6-axis IMU for 3-dimensional motion detection, constantly monitors bike position and behaviour, measures lean angle, slide speed and pitching rate; first ever on a production motorcycle
  • 32-bit CPU gives 125 calculations per second
  • Gyro sensor for pitch, roll and yaw, G-sensor measures front/rear, up/down and right/left motion, enables the use of other high-tech electronic controls
  • Banking angle sensitive Traction Control System (TCS) - see this technology in action by clicking here
  • Rear wheel Slide Control System (SCS) - see this technology in action by clicking here
  • Front LIFt control system (LIF) - see this technology in action by clicking here
  • Launch Control System (LCS) - see this technology in action by clicking here
  • Quick Shift System (QSS) - see this technology in action by clicking here
  • Adjustable 4-position PWR power mode selection system
  • Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) function – test out the technology by clicking here
  • New digital instrument panel with Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD
  • Optional Communication Control Unit (CCU) with data logging and Wi-Fi set up

The game has changed forever. No longer is MotoGP technology the privilege of the few. Giving increased control with added confidence, as well as quicker lap times and higher levels of rider/machine unity, Yamaha’s vision of the future is here. We R1.

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