YZF-R1 Project Leader, Hideki Fujiwara, standing next to the all-new R1 and R1M at the recent Global Launch in Sydney.
R1 project leaders, past and present, joined President and CEO of Yamaha, Mr Yanagi, in a memorable parade lap aboard 17 years of R1 development at Eastern Creek for the Global Launch.

From the Street to the Racetrack

9 Mar 2015

In 1998 the very first YZF-R1 shook the supersport category with next-generation performance and redefined the possibilities of highly tuned road-going superbikes. It was a machine developed from a clean sheet of paper, with an engine producing a high torque factor, all wrapped into a chassis with the sole focus of dominating twisty roads.

The following six incarnations of the R1 from 2000 to 2012 all embodied this twisty-road-dominating ethos. But for 2015, Yamaha’s R1 development team set out to redefine the R1’s purpose as a supersport machine and take it from the street to the racetrack. 

In order to achieve this, YZF-R1 Project Leader Hideki Fujiwara set in motion a totally new concept; develop an R1 unlike anything that’s ever come before, using only the most advanced technology and with a total no compromise, no excuse ethos.

From concept to reality, watch and listen to Fujiwara-san, as well as members of the YZF-R1 engineering team, as they recollect on the project that began as a vision and resulted in the rise of an era-defining YZF-R1.

View the video below or click here to watch it in a separate window.

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