Smokin’, a Phantom 20, owned and driven by Sam Fenwick and powered by a stock standard Yamaha F250 SHO 4-stroke outboard.

Yamaha 250hp Win Heralds Breakthrough for 4-Stroke Outboards

19 Dec 2011

The latest in a series of victories for a new generation Yamaha 250hp 4-stroke outboard has highlighted just how powerful these new lightweight engines have become.

Smokin’, a Phantom 20, owned and driven by Sam Fenwick and powered by a stock standard Yamaha F250 SHO 4-stroke outboard, completely blitzed the fiercely competitive F2 class in the recent 2012 Rollos Marine Yamaha Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Classic.

In doing so, the lightweight, V6 4-stroke outboard also powered Fenwick to a new F2 race record, smashing more than five seconds off the previous mark.

The F250 SHO’s victory is a first for a four-stroke outboard in a class previously dominated by higher horsepower two-stroke engines.

The winning 250hp four-stroke is one of Yamaha’s new V6 SHO (Super High Output) models. Released late last year, they were described as “game changers” by marine media around the world, largely because of their innovative breakthrough technology.

Featuring a highly-advanced plasma fusion process, these new generation V6 four-stroke outboards are a true technological breakthrough. They are stronger, faster and have more torque than their two-stroke competitors yet, incredibly, are also significantly lighter.

Fenwick says that extra power and torque made a huge difference at crucial points of the race.

“The engine’s power out of the hole was just incredible,” he says. “It meant we were up and away while our competitors were still struggling to get their skiers out of the hole.”

Fenwick says the 250hp SHO’s mid-range to top end acceleration was also a key factor in their win.

“From 5000-6000rpm, the response was absolutely instant. On the rare occasions when we had to feather around a tight corner, we were back up to top speed immediately.”

Fenwick says being able to smash the existing F2 race record by five seconds was a real bonus, given how close the racing usually is in this most fiercely contested class.

“Last year, all the top boats finished within a second of each other and I know many of them were going even faster this year.

“To beat them, set a new record by this margin and do all that with a four-stroke outboard says a lot about how great this new engine really is,” he says.

Fenwick’s win in the F2 class rounded out a spectacular couple of weeks for the Smokin’ team and its powerful 250hp 4-stroke outboard.

The team, consisting of Fenwick, observer Chris Wilkins and skiers Kane Carter and Daniel Tuffin, also finished a very impressive 5th overall in the Bridge to Bridge feature Long Race, beating several modified outboards generating around 360hp. They also scored a remarkable 3rd placing in the Open Powerboat Sprint (beaten only by a turbine-powered jetboat and a high performance race boat with more than 300hp on the transom).

Those victories came just a couple of weeks after the Smokin’ team had won the Under 19 class in Paeroa and, together, saw Fenwick and his Yamaha F250 SHO take out the coveted King of the Rivers crown for under 19s.

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