The Boating Guy praises new Yamaha F200: ‘The most impressive motor I’ve ever had’

22 Aug 2013

Ultra-experienced boatie, fisher and diver Ian Miller is full of praise for his new Yamaha F200 engine, the world’s lightest 200hp 4 stroke outboard.

“This is easily the most impressive outboard I have ever owned,” he says.

Miller, who has been boating since he was six, is perhaps known for the years when he was The Boating Guy, offering free, independent and impartial advice at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show. He also founded and operated major dive manufacturer Pro Dive, is a qualified dive instructor and has helped market top aluminium fishing boat brands, Lazercraft and Extreme.

Miller recently took delivery of his latest boat, a brand new Extreme Profisher 700. A 7 metre dedicated fishing platform, Miller’s Profisher 700 has a centrally mounted island fishing station, large capacity fuel and water tanks and, therefore, a significant amount of weight to push around the ocean.

“I was worried that the four cylinder F200 would not have enough torque for my heavy boat,” he admits. “I thought I would probably have to go up to the 225hp V6.

“Boy, was I wrong! The F200 has plenty of grunt!

“It has at least as much torque and power as the V6 - and it is a whole lot lighter and much smaller, too!”

Miller also describes his new F200 as very easy, very user friendly and very quiet and particularly likes Yamaha’s patented Shift Dampener System.

“Even when we are fishing really hard, the F200 never sounds like it is under any strain. I also love the lack of gearbox crunch when I put the engine in and out of gear.”

With “about half a tank” of both fuel and water on board, Miller’s fully rigged 7 metre Profisher weighs in at a hefty 2375kgs. Despite that, he is already getting 1.7 kmh/litre (about one nautical mile per litre), even with three people on board.

In a recent fishing competition in rough, 1-5-metre seas, Miller’s four strong crew and all their gear enjoyed a 1.2 kmh/litre fuel economy while “working hard” at 16-17 knots.

“This F200 is a really amazing engine,” he enthuses. “It really is the most impressive outboard I’ve ever owned, and I have owned a lot.”

The new F200 4-cylinder, 4-stroke outboard features Yamaha’s 2.8 litre, 16-valve DOHC powerhead, sophisticated valve train design and Variable Camshaft Timing System to ensure market leadingly quick, responsive acceleration and a super strong mid range punch.

It also comes complete with Yamaha’s revolutionary Shift Dampener System, a powerful 50 amp alternator and Yamaha's Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS).

Covered by a four year factory warranty (for recreational use), the most impressive F200 is now available through Yamaha’s nationwide network of authorised dealers.

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