Mike Britton (Britton Adventures) is one of 15 hand-selected international riders to deliver the 15 AG200FEs to Lake Hovsgol rangers in July.
Lake Hovsgol rangers in the new patrol uniform as provided by the Blue Waves Campaign.
Located in Mongolia, Lake Hovsgol is one of seventeen ancient lakes in the world being more than 2 million years old, as well as being the most significant drinking water reserve of Mongolia. Its water is potable without any treatment.

Britton Adventures and Yamaha Head to Mongolia

25 Jun 2014

Locals refer to it as a “Mother Sea”, to westerners, Lake Hovsgol National Park in Mongolia is one of the last remaining pristine wonders of the world.

Lake Hovsgol covers 2.5 million acres (an area bigger than Yellowstone National Park) and contains 70% of all freshwater in Mongolia – 1% in the entire world. However, recently improved transport infrastructure has set in motion changes that will likely have profound negative consequences on the Lake Hovsgol region unless managed resourcefully. Enter the Mongol Ecology Centre (MEC).

Working together with local and international partners to define and implement a vision for Lake Hovsgol National Park, MEC launched the Blue Waves Campaign in October 2013. The campaign is part of the larger effort of Lake Hovsgol Conservancy to celebrate the region’s global significance and support its ongoing preservation through vital fundraising initiatives.

MEC currently empowers 15 rangers to patrol Lake Hovsgol’s vast expanse on foot or horseback to protect the area from illegal mining, logging and poaching of endangered wildlife. But a lack of equipment and resources makes their job a seemingly overwhelming assignment.

As a result of ongoing international fundraising, the MEC were fortunate to purchase 15 Yamaha AG200FE motorcycles from a Mongolian Yamaha Dealer to significantly increase the rangers’ effectiveness in patrolling the vast areas they are tasked with protecting.

Mike and Angela Britton, of Britton Adventures, have been organising adventure tours in Mongolia since 2007, and have travelled to the Lake Hovsgol region numerous times. It was on a recent Mongolian excursion that they stumbled upon the Blue Waves Campaign and the subsequent alignment with Yamaha’s ultra-reliable AG200FE.

“We were delighted to hear they had chosen the Yamaha AG bike,” commented Angela. “Though it was during further discussions with members of the Blue Waves Campaign committee, that we soon realised the MEC hadn’t made any provisions for the ongoing maintenance of the 15 AG200FE motorbikes.”

“We know the AG200FE is a tough bike, but we want these machines to withstand the harsh Mongolian environment for years to come and continue assisting the rangers in doing their good work,” adds Mike.

“Our solution was to offer the Blue Waves Campaign the expertise of servicing the fleet of AG200FEs when we have a free day at Lake Hovsgol during our annual tours.

“It only seems like a natural fit considering we’re in Mongolia visiting the region once a year and the folk at the MEC admitted that they hadn’t thought about ongoing maintenance.

Naturally they were extremely grateful of our ‘typically Kiwi’ practical offer,” concluded Mike.

Tasked with delivering the AG200FEs to the Lake Hovsgol rangers, Mike will accompany 14 other hand-selected international riders to undertake the two-week adventure; departing the Capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, on 8 July, 2014.

To document the 3,000km journey, the 15 international riders will be accompanied by South African and Mongolian documentary crews, along with a number of international photographers and support personal.

To follow the amazing adventure or for more information about the Blue Waves Campaign, head to: www.bluewavesmongolia.org

The official Blue Waves Campaign video can be viewed via this link: http://youtu.be/ql7vnLwaNcI

For more information about Britton Adventures and their suite of tour destinations and events, head to: www.adventurerides.co.nz

Words and images, Britton Adventures
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