Timeline - 1990s

December 1999

Yamaha motorcycle production starts in Vietnam.
All nine Yamaha sites won ISO14001 certification for environment management systems.

November 1999

"Underwater Monitoring System" released featuring a 360-degree field of visi on, for quick capture of the desired view. The Yamaha "PAS Royal Raku-matic" with automatic gear shift system for smoot her riding released.

October 1999

The Yamaha "F115" released as the most compact, lightest-in-class 4-stroke outboard motor combining high levels of performance and environment friendliness.

September 1999

"Year 2010 Environmental Action Plan - Eco-Cite YAMAHA" aimed at uniting environmental friendliness and excitement established. Yamaha "Z200N" released with world's first HPDI system for clean-running, economical high-performance in a 2-stroke outboard motor.

June 1999

The new Yamaha "MAJESTY" released with full model change for the best-selling 250cc scooter with renewed performance, features and design.

May 1999

PAS unit-mounted bicycle "Keirin PAS" developed as electro-hybrid pacer cycl e for bicycle races.

April 1999

"JW-II C," the ideal wheelchair electric power-assist unit released for persons with hemiplegic paralysis enabling forward movement with one arm. Industrial machinery production reached the 50,000 mark.

March 1999

New boat "UF-21 Cuddy" featuring pleasure-oriented hull design sense with plenty of fishing functions released. OEM supply of electric power-assist units for wheelchairs begins to three Eu ropean companies. Yamaha Sports "XV1600 Road Star" with largest-ever production 1.6-litter OHV V-twin engine newly released.

January 1999

New 1100cc version of the American style 400cc best-seller model (3 years in a row) Yamaha Sports "Drag Star 1100" released.

December 1998

Simultaneous release of 5 new Yamaha 2-stroke outboards with electronic fuel injection.

November 1998

Marine Jet, "MJ-800TZ (WaveRunner WB800)," released.
4-stroke outboard motor, "F100A," released.
4-stroke outboard motor, "F80A," released.
"YZF-R1" wins the all-around, "Machine of the Year".

October 1998

Cruiser, "FC-26," released.
Yamaha motorcycles win four titles out of seven in the "Japan Bike of The Year" contest.
Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co., Ltd. (YMT) awarded ISO14001 certification.
Total surface mounter production for Philips reaches 2000 mark.
Auxiliary electric power unit for wheelchair, "JW-III," newly developed.
Electro-hybrid bicycle, "New PAS MH Super," released.

September 1998

Shinya Nakano wins the All-Japan Road Racing Championship in the 250cc class.
Scooter, "Grand AXIS," released.
Yamaha announces reorganization of the domestic marine segment.

August 1998

Fishing boat, "Fishing Mate 23 Cuddy," released.
Doug Henry wins the AMA National Motocross Championship on his YZ400F.
Supersport motorcycle, "YZF-R6," released.
Scooter, "Vino Sports," released.

July 1998

Yamaha Communication Plaza established.
Simon Crafar wins the World GP500 for the first time in his career.
Electro-hybrid bicycle, "PAS LittleMore," released.

April 1998

Japanese domestic sales companies unified into one company.
The jet boat "Exciter" series marketed.

February 1998

Yamaha received official approval from the Vietnamese government for a motorcycle manufacturing and sales joint venture in Vietnam.
"Independent Recycle Action Plan" for motorcycles formulated.

January 1998

Yamaha won its 4th consecutive Paris-Dakar rally for a total nine victories overall. France's S. Peterhansel set a new record for most wins by a rider with six.
New company, Yamaha Motor Asia Pte. Ltd. (YMAP), established to function as Asian business center in Singapore.

November 1997

"Living Mate" GHP for home use marketed.
Yamaha Motor Del Peru S.A. (YMDP), Yamaha-motorcycle sales joint venture, established in Republic of Peru.

October 1997

Overseas supply of Yamaha's PAS electro-hybrid bicycle Power Assist System unit starts.

August 1997

Total snowmobile production reached 1 million mark.

July 1997

Agreement signed for motorcycle development joint venture in Malaysia.

May 1997

Automobile suspension system, Relative Absorber System (REAS) developed.
Total GHP air conditioner production reached 100,000 mark.

April 1997

4-st. scrambler motorcycle "Bronco" released.

March 1997

Retro style scooter "Vino" released.

February 1997

New piston alloy developed along with world's first mass-production method for Powder Metal Pistons.

January 1997

New company for the development of motorcycles established in Taiwan.
Yamaha home page opens on Internet.
Manufacture and sales company for water purifiers established in Indonesia.

November 1996

New PAS released.

October 1996

Yamaha released world's first auxiliary electric power unit for wheelchairs.
Yamaha developed new Bonded Valve Seat "BVS" technology to improve engine performance.
Yamaha Motorcycle Operations/Purchase Operations/AM Operations awarded "ISO 9002" certification.

June 1996

Joint venture company "Yamaha Motor Argentina S.A." founded.

March 1996

Yamaha Marine Kyushu and Yamaha Shido Works merge, with name changed to Yamaha Marine Works Co., Ltd.
Total outboard production reached 5 million mark.
Joint venture company Escorts Yamaha Motor Limited founded in India.

January 1996

Won 7th Paris-Dakar Rally.
Joint venture company Siam Yamaha founded in Thailand.

April 1995

Environment-friendly industrial waste incineration facility "ACEP" (Amenity Clean Energy Plant) began operation at YMC home factory.

March 1995

Yamaha built "Nippon" proceeded to the semi-finals of the challenger series "Louis Vuitton Cup" for the America's Cup Yacht Race. Start of the Melbourne/Osaka YAMAHA OSAKA CUP double-handed Yacht Race.

January 1995

Won the Granada-Dakar Rally.

October 1994

Contract signed in China to form new joint venture company Jiangsu Linhai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. for the manufacture and sales of motorcycles.

September 1994

MBK of France became first Yamaha overseas production base to win the PM Excellent Prize.

June 1994

 "YAMAHA" won the W60 class of the "Whitbread Round The World Yacht Race" in its first year of participation.

April 1994

New motorcycle export/sales company, Yamaha Motor Taiwan Trading founded in Taiwan.
Two new joint venture companies, Hainan Kadaya Boat Mfg. Co., Ltd. and Qingd ao Yuandong Motor Boat Co., Ltd. founded in China for local manufacture of boats.

March 1994

1995 America's Cup challenge boat completed.

November 1993

New electro-hybrid bicycle, Yamaha PAS marketed.
Developed 4-stroke outboards jointly with Brunswick of the United States.

October 1993

New joint venture company Zhuzhou Nanfang Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. founded in China for local manufacturer and marketing of motorcycles.

September 1993

Won 500cc manufacturers title and 250cc riders title of Road Race World Championship.

July 1993

New office building of European headquarters completed.

April 1993

2nd Auckland/Fukuoka Yamaha Cup Yacht Race held.

January 1993

Won Paris-Dakar Rally for the third consecutive year. European distribution center began operations.

November 1992

Total ATV production reached the one million mark.
F1 Tyrrell-Yamaha Team formed.

October 1992

Contract signed to establish Chongqing Jianshe-Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. in China for manufacture and sales of motorcycles.

September 1992

Won 500cc World Championship Road Racing for the third consecutive year.

July 1992

Japan Marine Sports Promotion Foundation established.

June 1992

Intelligent machinery shipments reached the 10,000 mark.

May 1992

Yamaha GP SuperCar "OX99-11" developed.

April 1992

"OES Truss", artificial reef for fishery and recreation industry use went in to experimental use.

January 1992

Mr. S. Kazama reached the South Pole with a low-pollution, low-noise Yamaha motorcycle.
Won Paris-Sirte-Le Cap 1992 Rally
Yamaha built "Nippon" ranked first in the preliminary round of the challenger series for the America's Cup.

December 1991

Technical Training Center completed.
CCS (Customers and Community Satisfaction) Committee began operations.

November 1991

IM Technical Center built.

September 1991

Won both riders and manufactures titles in 500cc class of Road Race World Championship.

March 1991

Total outboard motor production reached 4 million mark.

February 1991

Yamaha Yatsushiro Works Co., Ltd. constructed.

January 1991

Won first three places in the Paris-Tripoli-Dakar Rally.

October 1990

Total production of Yamaha "Jog" scooter series reached 1.5 million mark.

September 1990

Won both riders and manufacturers titles in both 500cc and 250cc classes of Road Race World Championship.
Japan's first ABS-equipped motorcycle model, the FJ1200A marketed.
Entered the F1 World Championship as the Brabham Yamaha Formula One Team.

July 1990

Total helmet production reached 1 million mark.

April 1990

Constructed 1992 America's Cup Challenge boat "Nippon".
Participated in the planning and management of the municipal marina in Otaru , Hokkaido.
Yamaha Motor Portugal founded.

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