Timeline - 1980s

December 1989

The Yamaha Shibetsu Test Center opened.
The practical-use remote control helicopter "R-50" marketed.

September 1989

Seven factories awarded "1989 PM Excellent Prize" by Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance.

June 1989

Yamaha Marina Biwa-ko opened.

March 1989

Entered the F1 World Championship for the first time.

September 1988

Won 500cc Road Race World Championship for third year in a row.

July 1988

Production of DOHC "SHO" engine for Ford Motor Co. in the USA.
Showa Works and Shimba-shibori merge, name changed to SOQI, Inc.

May 1988

Yamaha Hamaoka Tests Course completed.

January 1988

Jointly developed a new car engine with Cosworth Engineering of U.K. for F3000 racing.

September 1987

Yamaha Gas Heat Pump air conditioners (GHP) marketed.

April 1987

Fifth Iwata factory for engine assembly entered full operation.

March 1987

New exhaust system for 4-stroke engines, "EXUP" developed.
Yamaha Motor Espana S.A. established.

January 1987

Entered the field of surface mounters for printed circuit boards.

November 1986

Yamaha's first Water Vehicle marketed.

October 1986

Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co., Ltd. founded.
Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America founded in Atlanta, USA.

July 1986

French motorcycle manufacturer, MBK Industrie joined Yamaha group.

March 1986

OX66 engine-mounted car won the first round of the Japanese F2 Championship.

April 1985

Signed a development contract with Ford (USA) for high-performance engines.

October 1984

Entered Technical Assistance Agreement with MBK, France.

September 1984

First production 5-valve motorcycle engine introduced.

February 1984

4-wheel ATV marketed.

July 1983

Yamaha Motor Australia founded.

April 1983

Entered Technical Assistance Agreement for 80cc motorcycle production with a factory in Beijing, China.

March 1983

Yamaha original helmets marketed.

October 1982

Entered Technical Assistance Agreement with Ohlins, Sweden.

May 1982

J.O.B. Co., Ltd. (marina operation company) established.

February 1982

Total motorcycle production reached 20 million mark.

January 1982

Yamaha Research & Development Center constructed.

March 1981

Low-pollution, high speed chrome-plating system "YRPS" developed.

February 1981

Industrial assembly robot developed.

July 1980

Yamaha Engineering Co., Ltd. (present Y.E.C. Co., Ltd.) founded.

May 1980

Shimba-shibori Mfg. Co., Ltd. (present Soqi, Ltd.) joined Yamaha group.

January 1980

Yamaha Motor Corporation's new head office constructed in Cypress, California.

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